Paint Protection Film for Winkler, Morden and the Pembina Valley

Paint Protection Film is an optically clear vinyl film constructed from a combination of advanced elastomeric polymers.  Commonly referred to as 3M, clear bra, Xpel, stoneguard or PPF.  

We use one of the world's leading innovators in PPF - SunTek® ULTRA paint protection film to create a barrier between your vehicle and elements of the road such as rocks, salt, insects and other road debris.

PPF, Paint Protection Film, Suntek, Stoneguard
A car with our paint protection film in Morden


Conventional paint protection films can show scuffs, scratches and yellowing after a single year of use. That's where SunTek® ULTRA is different. SunTek's innovative HydroResist™ top coat prevents the film from discoloring due to contamination and ultra-violet radiation. Repairing swirl marks and light scratches that can occur from ordinary washing and daily driving is effortless; SunTek® film uses the heat from your vehicle's engine and the sun to heal itself and keep that glossy shine!


High Performance

Automotive finishes stay fresh and flawless longer with a film that offers the highest protection against rocks, salt and other road debris. With SunTek's exclusive HydroResist™ top coat, contaminants such as bug splatter, bird droppings, sap and road tar wipe off the film's ultra-slick surface with ease.


Professional Installs

Once a premium product like SunTek® ULTRA is being used, it all comes down to the installation.  A poor installation can cause even the best products to fail.  Paint Protection Film is no place for amateurs.  With 17 years experience, Shine Paint Protection is an industry-leader in paint protection films in the Pembina Valley.  All of our film kits are pre-cut using TruCut™ SunTek's exclusive pattern cutting software, designed to tightly hug the curves and edges of any vehicle year, make and model. This eliminates the need to trim on a vehicles paint.  Cleanliness also plays a big role in a quality install.  We're proud to operate one of the cleanest, most professional shops in the PPF industry.


Flawless Shine

Outstanding optical clarity makes our film nearly impossible to detect once installed. Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars fixing damage you can prevent from the start?  Protect your shine or change your shine - SunTek® ULTRA PPF is available in matte and high gloss finishes.  



Shine Paint Protection guarantees satisfaction on all our work. The manufacturer warrants professionally sold and applied SunTek® Paint Protection Film Ultra series against cracking, bubbling or yellowing caused solely by defects in manufacture or materials, for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase of the product. This limited 10-year warranty applies only to SunTek® Paint Protection Film Ultra series.